Event Website

The Company has designed this website to publicize and facilitate registration of exhibitors and participants. All the information about the event is available on this website however a contact form and phone numbers are included for communication on further information.

Platinum Sponsor company’s name and logo will be placed on the top most space of the event website. Gold Sponsor and Silver Sponsor adverts will also be placed on the EXPO website. Exhibitor’s logos will be placed on the EXPO website. All other advertisements on the event website will be as per costs included under Advertise.

Social Media

Mobile users are already checking Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and/or Snapchat multiple times a day, so the company has planned to use these social media to advertise the event to them while they’re within those apps without being disruptive. Video clips and display ads will be posted on the most popular social platforms as well as Blogs.


In order to increase publicity and branding of the event, other techniques such as newspaper adverts, billboard adverts on highly driven roads will be used. Branding crew will be hired by the company to distribute fliers and Event Catalogue to  expected visitors. Information Banners will be placed all over the venue during the exhibition.

After the exhibition the company will produce an exhibition magazine for feedback to the sponsors, exhibitors and the general public. The branding crew will be responsible in distributing these magazines all around the country and outside the country.


The event will be advertised on Radio and Television capitaliziing on the most listened to program. With television advertising, the company will target specific market segments by placing ads in specific programs especially during prime time.

Large screens that can be viewed from all corners of the exhibition ground will be used during the exhibition. This will provide an extra edge to your marketing communications.  Sponsors and exhibitors will submit their company profile two weeks prior to the exhibition to be displayed on screens during the exhibition also clips of exhibition events will be displaying. For event coverage the company will hire videographer and photographer for documentary.

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